Over the last decade, a vast amount of scientific discoveries have been made in the field of the human microbiota, leading to a deep appreciation of how closely the human microbiota is related to human health. Based on the scientific advances, some bacterial species that have no history of human use (e.g Akkermansia muciniphila, Faecalbacterium prausnitzii, etc) are nowadays gaining much attention as they have found to have probiotic potential in a certain diseased state.

Enterobiome is a bio-venture company in Korea, established in May 2018 by Dr. Jae-Gu Seo. The mission of the company is to develop pharmabiotics selected from the human gut microbiome. The promising pharmabiotic candidates are speculated to be more efficacious compared to the current probiotic products in the market as they have stronger scientific rationales to use. In this regard, we hope that our earnest effort to the end will meet the need of the market and can contribute to improving ‘quality of human life’ through human microbiome technology.


06R&D grant from Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) of the MSS

05R&D grant from the Hospital-based Business Innovation Center Program (KHIDI)

04Listed as a Family Enterprise of KFRI


12R&D grant from the MSS

07Listed as Bio-venture company

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